Granny Lane update

On February 24th 2021 the Strategic Planning Committee at Kirklees refused the application for Miller Homes to build on the site in Granny Lane. One of our local Councillors declared this a “landmark case” in Mirfield as no one can remember an approval being overturned to a refusal.


Save Mirfield and GLAAG working together managed to achieve this with the help of professional Consultants in Highways, Hydrology and Planning, all of whom were paid for by donations from the public - thank you.

However, in July 2021, Miller Homes Ltd launched an appeal against the decision to the Planning Inspectorate and once again Save Mirfield with GLAAG are going to fight.


We are now preparing to defend the decision made in February because having got this far we do not intend to give up and we are determined to see it through.


Our first sight of the appeal documents was on September 24th and we have just under a month to prepare our own. Once again we are enlisting the help of our professional Consultants and a barrister.

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We are a community based voluntary organisation whose aim is to support residents in fighting the overdevelopment of Mirfield.  
We are not against all development but we do want to protect some of the open green spaces that are still available to us and support sustainable development only.

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