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What you need to think about when writing your letter of objection


Sometimes it's hard to know what to write in a letter of objection so we've put together some questions below to help you get started.


Councils and Local Authorities can only take into account 'material planning considerations' when looking at residents letters of objection.   


Potential reasons to object in order of relevance and importance


We've given a long list of reasons below, but if you want to pick those that carry the most weight - use points 1 - 7 as a priority.  Remember that you can add anything else you feel strongly about.


  1. Highway safety - junctions nearby that are dangerous

  2. Traffic generation from the development itself
  3. Loss of accessible informal green space and open land

  4. Pressure on local schools 

  5. Health Centre

  6. Drainage issues - Have you experienced drainage or flooding issues?  Are you concerned that more houses may cause further issues.

  7. Layout and density of building

  8. Road access - concerns about access for emergency vehicles

  9. Obstructions of driveways 

  10. Disabled persons' access - ongoing issues with cars parking on pavements causing hazards to children, pushchairs, wheelchairs and people with impaired vision.

  11. Noise and disturbance resulting from use

  12. Effect on listed building and conservation area

  13. Design, appearance and materials - are the proposed homes built from materials that are sympathetic to the local landscape and area and other houses in the area.

You can't list the following as they won't be taken into account:


  • The perceived loss of property value

  • Private disputes between neighbours

  • The loss of a view

  • Ownership disputes over rights of way

  • Fence lines etc

  • Personal morals or views about the applicant.

Working with and supporting local preservation groups like Save Mirfield will provide useful expertise and support. You are not alone. 


If you're particularly concerned with any aspect of these plans or want some support working out what's what - get in touch.

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