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About the Neighbourhood Plan 


What is it?


The 2011 Localism Act empowered communities to shape development in their towns and neighbourhoods through the introduction of Neighbourhood Plans. Mirfield now has an opportunity to do their own.


1300 towns have already developed plans across the country so we could learn from their efforts.

Mirfield's plan

The plan will set out how we want our town to look over the coming years – where new houses should be built, what sort of investments are made into the town etc.

The Mirfield Design Statement published in 2002 by Mirfield Town Council was similarly used; but is now well out of date.  The Statement can be used as a template for the development of the neighbourhood plan.  The plan will be approved by the planning inspector and paid for by Kirklees Council.

Mirfield Town Council will be the organisational authority and a smaller steering group, involving interested residents, will take the Mirfield Neighbourhood Plan forward.

A work in progress

Experts will be invited to attend specific meetings and give input to the plan to enable a speedy update.   New chapters will be introduced and outdated once omitted.  Feedback has already been gathered from residents across the town and will be fed in.


Once published, the Mirfield Neighbourhood Plan would help residents of Mirfield to steer the Planners in the right direction. It does not protect us from the overturn of Kirklees plans.


Updates can be found here:


Green belt was created to prevent urban sprawl.

Proposed new developments will connect Ravensthorpe, Thornhill and Mirfield further reducing our green spaces

4000 new houses equals at least 6500 more cars

5 to 7 million more car journeus per year means that air quality will decline 

The average speed out of Mirfield is
16 mph

Any large scale developments must be supported by infstructure to help with traffic problems - A62 is one of the UK's slowest roads

Our town will increase by 33% in population

Do you think we have the space to accomodate this in our services?


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